Future of Work #6: Retain vs. Retrain & Empathy As Job Security

Thesis #1: Retain vs. Retrain

Source: World Economic Forum
  • Amazon — spending $700 million over about six years to retrain a third of its U.S. workforce
  • Accenture — retrained 300K employees over 4 years
  • JP Morgan Chase — spending $350 million over the next five years for its New Skills at Work initiative.
  • AT&T: Planning to retrain 50% of its 250K workforce and launched Future Ready, a $1 billion web-based, multiyear effort that includes online courses; collaborations with Coursera, Udacity and universities; and a career center that allows employees to identify and train for the kinds of jobs the company needs today and down the road.

Thesis #2: Empathy as Job Security?

I’ve been largely influenced by Harvard Business School’s framework around Routine vs. Cognitive labor market skills.

Credit: Work-Bench
Credit: Work-Bench
  • #3 Enterprise Account Executive (sales)
  • #6 Customer Success Manager
  • #7 Engagement Manager



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Jessica Lin

Jessica Lin

co-founder & VC @Work_Bench | GED educator | rethinking work